Different Skin… the SAME Within

I watched a video months ago.

It was about the “racism” of hanging shirts in a Wal-Mart. I actually watched the video twice. The first time I watched as an outsider with no opinion. The second time I watched as a Caucasian AND with my “brown” friends in mind.

I was so frustrated. Honestly when I see “white privilege” I understand the true meaning behind it so when the term is thrown around on both sides of the fence I want to scream.

I have a “brown” friend that I have the kind of relationship with that I feel comfortable asking silly “white girl” questions without feeling like I’m stepping on his toes and without feeling like a I’m a total insensitive idiot. So, I sent the video to him and asked him to give me his honest opinion of what he thought of it.

His very first response was..”That’s so stupid! People are dumb and ignorant.”

I go on to explain to him that I get that there is an underlying current (a sort of prejudice) for black people that the majority of white people will never get. –May I insert here that there are many things in life that effect all people that I imagine mimic the same feeling of that under current — I then go on and respond to my friend, “Then on the complete other end, I’m like… Are black people so sensitive to white people ” having white privilege ” that a black shirt could be taken as racism? I’m asking you because I feel safe asking you silly “ignorant white people questions”. See I celebrate our differences. White ain’t all its cracked up to be….lol..no pun intended… See I would love to have some creamy carmel brown skin. “. (That is word for word my message back to him)

The result was a back and forth melt down into laughter and hysterics about how a black person is actually who told me when I was in 7th grade that I was caucasian. As well as how I love being able to throw out there..” Oh yeah! I’m not racist I have a black friend!” Into crumbling satire of how there aren’t enough emoji’s that represent a black thumbs up.. or other things that would have been fun to send during this match of witty zingers.

I told him I wish we could all have an open dialogue about who we are and our differences without getting all bent out of shape. Maybe if we all had a friendship like this between “races” there would be no racism. The problem is that we have to love each other without the equation of color, money, or social status.

Our conversation started to come to a close like this…”You give me Caucasian education and I’ll give you blackology classes and maybe one day the world will understand that we are all a bunch of idiots and we all need JESUS!”

This is why I love him!!! He has shared a few scary stories with us. They make me mad. However all we can do is show love for each other despite what the world increasingly tells us is “really” happening.

Let’s not walk around in offence. Let’s open a dialog that shows Christ’s love. 

..signed… Your loving ignorant “I had no idea what white privilege meant or that I was technically Caucasian”. Please put my face on a sign for the poster girl for white people.

Keep it clean and respectful and let me know what you think!

My family, " Big Mike" and I

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