YOLO… huh?




I have seen this abbreviation many times but never understood what it meant.   It has become a greeting of sort.  YOLO!  

My teen daughters recently informed me that it meant “You only live once”.  Well ain’t that the truth?  Unless of course you are a cat.  At first thought this causes an urge for one to fist pump the air and yell YEAH! in agreement.  Once past the initial need to live it all out full force, one might decide to ponder their actions.

“You Only Live Once”, could give way to thought of complete abandonment of all sane thoughts.  This makes me think of a bucket list.  If you only had thirty days to live, you only live once…..

What would your bucket list be?


Now, make another list; but remove all selfishness…..  How does your list change?

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