Separation of Sports Complex and State

I wanted to reblog this as it is in my back yard. Although I don’t know if I would allow my kid into a mosque to have “Islam shoved down their throat” (allowing your child into a sports complex that happens to be run by a Christian organization hardly compares), I would have to agree with what he is saying. This reeks of ridiculousness.

My family and I believe in Jesus Christ, however IF my kids were given an opportunity to tour a mosque, (and I had the option to accompany them -I think it would be cool to see) then I would welcome the opportunity. As a matter of Fact, any one going to seminary school is encouraged and often required to attend other churches of different beliefs.

So as this blogger indicates in his own words… What are they afraid of? Really? Why are they so freaked out to be in a SPORTS COMPLEX that just happens to be run by Christians? I highly doubt there was mention of God or Jesus, or any of those things. Was there Christian music playing in the back ground? I don’t know. It’s quite possible, So what? I don’t particularly care to hear some main stream music playing in convenience stores or restaurants talking about humping each other and and getting drunk on Saturday nights…however it’s my CHOICE to be there and I’m secure in what I believe.

So what’s the problem? Really? What is the real threat? Why the fear so powerful to bring a lawsuit for something your child did not even attend?

Let’s stand up for the light and stop this nonsense.

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