The Crawl of Grief


I read a poem not too long ago that spoke of how grief really unfolds.

I wish I had saved it. 

The grief I speak of is the of loss of someone who was really close to you.  Someone you spoke to fairly regularly.  The one that you wish you could pick up the phone or stop by to see.

Somehow in our simple brains we think this grief is something we…move past, or simply get over.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it is.  It’s a slow process.  Most of the time it is a life long one.  There are moments that you go on living, you laugh, you find places to enjoy the life you’re living.  The memories slip in, you smile and your heart is full and you are thankful you have them.

The hard part is in those moments that hit you like a freight train that forgot to sound his horn.  The pain is almost crippling.  You can’t catch your breath and the grief grips you.  I know for me personally, in those moments it is hard to move past that grip without a full on melt down. 

That’s how grief is.  It becomes this thing that you store away to be able live in the moment of the day.  Something triggers the lock on that chest where you have stored your grief and the hurt floods out. 

It becomes a crawl.  Getting past the momentary flood of emotions and getting back to your feet again.

If you are struggling with grief, just remember it is a process.  Not something you ..get over…or just one day move on from.  But don’t forget to live.  That is where the sweet nectar of life is.  Don’t be held up in pain when living is what you were meant to do. 

Crawl if you must… But keep moving forward.

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