It’s All About Me. (Or is it?)

Screenshot_2015-07-15-21-35-06~2Most days we walk around in our own cloud with people in our own bubble, oblivious to the world around us.

We somehow believe our pain, our problems, our junk is far different from anyone else.  No one can possibly fathom how hard OUR life is.

That’s all a lie.

Actually, many of us run life parallel on similar events and similar emotions.  How we deal with them however, can be very different.

It’s all “relative.” -Or is it?

Today I watched a man who has battled ALS for less than a year take his final breath.  For the last year I watched him go from being a strong, healthy, capable man who was full of life to being so dependant on cold air and a breathing machine he was literally afraid to step out side his front door to go to doctor appointments.

One night the air conditioning went out. The heat started to rise in the house as my mother, my husband and son worked quickly to get it going again.  He had the mask pressed to his face almost gulping in air as if he couldn’t quite get the amount he needed.  You could see the stress and worry in his eyes.  It was a heart wrenching sight.  All the while we spoke to him calmly.  “Hang in there friend, we will have you comfortable in no time.”

It’s easy to say that when we aren’t the one grabbing at air to fill our oxygen starved lungs.  Even in that moment where I could visibly see the worry, stress, maybe desperation and even a little fear….I could clearly see Hope in his eyes.

How is that?

This man for the few years that I knew him was a giving person. Now, I know there are people who are giving because they have the ability to give, however they are selfish. The man I am speaking of was selfless. He gave in places he barely had to give.

I believe that when we are truly selfless in our heart, we don’t have time to mope around about our unfavorable circumstances. We are looking outward not inward. We are experiencing life in a different kind of light. A light of hope.

If you are feeling down, depressed, and put in a corner, try changing your view…

You will be a lot happier and filled with more hope, when it’s NOT all about you.