Fixn to Jump Out the Boat


Do you know how it is when you feel like something is on the horizon… you can feel the buzz of it but can’t quite see it yet?

That is me lately.  2014 is my year.  It is going to be my family’s year.  I know this.  The problem is I can’t see why, or where we are going.  I can see some of God’s humor in this situation.  It’s kind of like when we have something good to show our own kids.  We know they are going to smile and feel good about what we have for them, but we want to build up this excitement.  So we say things like “We have a surprise this weekend!  We can’t tell you what it is, but your gonna love it!”  That’s how I feel right now, like God is letting me feel this anticipation that good stuff is about to happen, “But I can’t tell you what it is yet my daughter, but your gonna love it!”

I have been trying to line myself up with what I know my calling is.  I want to be prepared if God asks me to do something bigger, something out of my comfort zone.  I received a book for Christmas.  It is called Willing to Walking on Water, by Caroline Barnett.  She has some really good stuff to share.  Lots of encouraging words.  I don’t think it was a mistake that book landed in my hands when it did.

We wonder what it is God wants.  He must get so exhausted! (He’s God of course, so probably not)  We are constantly asking, which way to turn, do I stop or go?  Maybe, he just wants us wait.  Maybe he is lining things up for us.  The problem is that we get so impatient we forget God’s timing is completely different than ours.  We try to make things happen.  We force opportunities that are really not our opportunities to have.

I have decided, so to not cause myself to go crazy with anticipation, to sit back a bit, relax, and try to enjoy the scenery.  They say the journey is half the experience.  I have to agree.

Hello Jesus?  Yeah, I’m just sitting over here trying not to chew my nails off…being REAL patient….so when ever you’re ready, I have my bathing suit on, I’m ready to jump out the boat……

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