My 4yr old gbaby misses the “old days”

all from phone May 7th 2015 063

Sometimes life gives you such pearls at such a moments notice you don’t have time to push the record button.  You realize what is happening at the moment is a snap shot, a memory to hold forever, a moment that should be on film.  However, like many of those life moments, you just have to try to burn it in your memory.  Sometimes if you have write it down.

I had one of those moments this morning…

I watch my gbabies a few days a week for my daughter and son-in-law who are working and in college.  The little ones are 3 and 4.  A brother and sister who love each other but also love to push the others buttons.  They are a delight and somehow exhausting all at the same time.

This morning there has been bickering over many little things.  This time it was over how the “fort” was being built (over the bar stools they had drug into the hallway)  When it escalated to screaming and gnashing of teeth, I asked them to stop and come into the living room for a minute to calm down and find a solution.  The conversation below follows…

ME:  “Ok, I want both of you to sit down and calm down for a minute.  When you calm down we can find a solution to fixing your fort so that you both get what you want.”

Annalynne (the 4 yr old): ” I don’t want to be an adult.” (um, -ok? who does?)

Me: “You don’t have to be an adult.  You can be a smart 4 year old  capable of finding a solution so you don’t have to throw a fit.”

Annalynne:  “But I want to be a little kid.  I’m angry and I want to cry.” (Translation -I’m happy with fit throwing and hitting)

Me:  “Thats ok, you can do all those things and still find a solution.  See outside this house if something makes you mad you can’t just start screaming and throwing a fit, you have to think about how to deal with it and make it better.”

Annalynne:  “I am 4 years old, I like being a little kid, I dont want to be an adult.”  (her anger and voice escalating and tears filling her eyes.)

Me: ” I understand.  Just calm down for a second I want to help you figure out how to fix the fort so you and bubby are both happy.”

Annalynne:   “I don’t like finding solutions, I like being little”…… (tears running down her cheeks)  “I miss the old days

I looked at my 15 year old son across the room.  Trying to stifle my laughter, I ask him “Wheres a camera when you need one?”

Isn’t it amazing that even a four year old understands when it’s time to make decisions it feels a little too grown up?

Well Annalynne,  I miss the old days too!

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