McKinney Pool Party – Panoramic View


It seems the racial divide is increasing.

Why is that?  Where is it coming from?

Like all things that cause division, in my little opinion it comes from inside each one of us.  We each want to be seen and heard.  We want someone on our side in life in general.  We assess a situation and if it looks like one or more indicators sets us apart, or on the other end makes us seem more alike, we tend to gravitate to what initially feels comfortable.

Every once in awhile I feel ganged up on in my own immediate family. (For the record we are all white peeps ‘Caucasian is the technical word apparently’) In those moments I get so frustrated… I want to find a mom (any color or size will do) from another family who understands what its like to pay all the bills, make sure groceries are bought, all the little extras (that always seem to pop up the day before they are needed) are all paid for and taken care of, then get slightly bullied because its is not financially feasible to take an impromptu trip out of town.  I need someone on my side.  -Moms trying to keep it together matter!- (Did I mention my bringing home the bacon husband is awesome)

At this point I’m frustrated. I don’t even want to take the time to have to spell out WHY we can’t go.  I just want to form an alliance.  Who cares what the details are?  At this point, it’s me against them, and I need a friend to back me up.

I think this is what’s going on. Instead of looking at all the facts and being reasonable about something that is transpiring we just want to defend what feels comfortable.

So, I thought I would offer my panoramic view of the latest trending story on racial divide and police.

First of all, when looking at something like this I try to make myself color blind.  I look at all the facts and then try to insert common sense.

Let’s start here… We have no idea what color these kids are … Maybe they are affluent white kids in a upscale neighborhood that has a private neighborhood pool only accessible through membership via a scan card.  See unless I know otherwise I imagine when I hear a story they are white. (Don’t we all do that?  I would imagine if I was in a bi-racial relationship, I would picture Bi-racial people, families, neighborhood because that would be the immediate world I live in.  Then again maybe it IS just me)

So first I’m imagining that my 14 year old invited a truck load of people to a pool party via Twitter.  Then I find out that this pool party has not been approved through our neighborhood private pool.  Not cool but an opportunity to teach my daughter a lesson.

Then I imagine this truck load of people coming to my nice neighborhood where a fight and craziness breaks out.  -This is yet another reason to speak to my daughter about how to avoid these situations and the appropriate way to use social media.

Now here is where it gets sticky.  The police show up.  They only know that there has been a fight, or altercation.  They start asking people to sit down so they can assess the situation.  Tensions rise, people start yelling… Kids start running, and all the sudden there is chaos.  They chase the kids… Why are the kids running if they did nothing wrong? (They explain to the kids later… Don’t run, you automatically look guilty.).

Now, with some of the  boys who bolted finally sitting on the ground, the police officers REPEATEDLY ask several groups of kids who are standing around to leave… They ask them over and over to get out of there.. To leave.  Some of these kids (including the 14 year old girl who brought the story national news) continue to shout things at the officers and disrespect the order.  They eventually disperse for the most part… Except the girl and a couple of others.

Let me interject this here… These officers were called to an altercation where there is a mob of kids. Tensions are high and then elevated when the foot chase begins.  The officers adrenaline is pumping. (I am NOT making excuses just stating facts)when these kids decide they are going to be defiant, after chasing the other boys and getting NO respect in a situation where they don’t know WHO is responsible or who they were called to take care of, they are on guard. They (the police) become very emotional and defensive.

The 14 yr old girl continues to be defiant and seems to be talking smack.  The officer wants to show her he is done with her

From the outside looking in, I think “That’s what happens.”  If she would have just removed herself and stopped talking, this would be a non-issue.  She was not directly involved but became a part of the problem.  If you think about it, it is much like “Rubber necking” when passing an accident on the highway.  It’s a dangerous thing to do.  You put yourself at risk, other cars at risk and the first responders at risk.  Just keep your eyes on the road and move on.  If you have information about the incident, take your self to the local police department and let them take a report, but don’t interfere. This girl as well as the others should have moved across the street like they were ask multiple times to do.

Now having said all that, I watch this officer subdue her picturing the girl as my daughter.  Knowing everything I already know… It makes me mad.  Was it excessive?  In my opinion yes.  Should he have called for one of the other officers to handcuff her and sit her down for possible obstruction?  Yes.

So what’s the answer?  First ALL lives matter.  As for the rest, I’m not sure.  If I was in charge, the girl would be charged for something although I’m not sure what that is.  You cannot bring order to a situation if no one is try to help make it happen.  I would require her to take a critical thinking class as part of her punishment.  The police officer would definitely be put on leave and then put through extensive courses on how to handle this sort of situation as well as be put on desk duty should he be allowed back.

Maybe our communities as a whole can start focusing on how to live in harmony together by using common sense and critical thinking rather than just looking for an alli to back us up.

The officer should have received respect from girl.  However, The 14 year old girl should not have been treated that way.






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