We’ll Just Talk About This Later –



Every once in awhile we end up hanging out with people who we really, really, really don’t want to stop visiting with.  (Is that enough – really’s?)

A few weeks ago our 3 year old granddaughter was praying before lunch.  She was praying her typical 3 year old prayer. As it came to the end she said “and you know, God, I guess we will just talk about this later because probably every one wants to eat.”

Later I was thinking about that prayer.  My granddaughter gets caught up in her prayers.  Sometimes they get very lengthy.  It would appear as if she somehow enjoys these conversations with God.  It actually seemed as if she didn’t want to leave the conversation.

A few weeks earlier, I was leaving a women’s group get together and became caught up talking to one of the host leaders.  What I thought was an hour or so ended up being many hours.  When I left it was 2 a.m.  We had so much to say about nothing significant.  I really enjoyed hanging out with her and hearing about her life story.  It was as if I didn’t really want the conversation to end.  This brings me back to my granddaughter.

As I thought about her prayer… “I guess we will just talk about this later God”, I thought about those relationships with people who’s conversation I hate to break from.  See God and I have an all day running conversation.  Sometimes I actually have those… we’ll talk about this later …moments.  The thing is, more often than not, its a little harder to pick back up a conversation with people.  So when we get into a place that we are just enjoying hanging out with other people, it’s hard to leave, hard to end the party so to speak.

Why is it that there are certain people that we just feel connected to?  Maybe it’s that they are just awesome people.  I choose to believe it is because they are connected to the same source, the same God we are.  They are firing on all cylinders so we feel draw to them… like bugs to a light.  Maybe, just maybe its because we are supposed to be in that very spot, with those very people, at that very destined time.  Even if it’s at 2 a.m.

So that little prayer of my granddaughters… “we’ll talk later”, has carried some weight with me.  As I become so connected to God that I hate to end our conversation, I believe I will continue to be connected to His people who will make me feel the same about them.

– I guess we’ll just talk about this later…







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