#Trending #EncourageaBetterworld #Watchout!


Every once in awhile I click on the “trending” button out of curiosity.

I will scroll down the 20 or so items and see what everybody else in the world felt was important enough to spend their time thinking about.  It seems 99% of the time there isn’t a single thing on there that I care about.

As a whole we spend way too much time thinking about and caring about insignificant things that do not matter and do not contribute to a better life for us or any other human being.  For instance, EVERY SINGLE time I see Kanye West’s name in the news I think, why do we care enough for it to be a “trending” topic?  Seriously… How do he or his wife keep ending up in front  of my face.  They contribute nothing but to show how ignorant and selfish Americans are.

In the mean time, there are everyday things happening under the radar that move someone to be a better person.  Those are the things that should be trending.  Those are the things that should drown out every single thought about all the other nonsense.

Maybe we should create a hashtag.  See if it will drown out the rest of the “noise” in the world.  Maybe we should take pictures of doing everyday things that encourage and help each other with the hashtag #EncourageaBetterworld

I’ll start it… Let’s see if its important enough to “trend”.   #Watchout!

**picture credit -12stone.com

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