Who Needs Faith Anyway?

Who Needs Faith Anyway?


“This world is going to hell in a hand basket,” they say. There’s nothing we can do. People will be people. They will do what they want.

Those who don’t believe in God do all they can be disprove it. I heard a new friend say last night that he would spend hours studying how to disprove God, faith, this mystical friend Jesus. He said it was easy to do.

At some point something changed for him. He came to know the Savior. He said, “I spent all my time preparing to debate pastors, preachers and anyone else who would go toe to toe with me. Those who went up against me were easy to destroy in a debate because they weren’t studying to defend who Jesus was, they were study to be love to other people, they were studying to be like Jesus.”

I learned a lot in that one exchange. I’m not here to defend my faith. I’m here to show people love, to show people what Jesus looks like. (I instinctively want to defend my Jesus, my father for whose love there is no word on earth would cover)

I saw a post on Facebook that said “A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.” I’m not going to give credit to the quote. Mostly because it makes no logical sense.

See those who are in dark places are usually devoid of hope and faith. They either never had it or lost it. Hope and faith are light in the dark world that satan reigns in.

Who needs faith? You. Me. Everyone. We need to know there is a way out, that something better is coming especially when the world feels like its crumbling all around us.

Sometimes the only reason I get up in the morning is because I know this life is so much bigger than me. I want to see what the day brings. My faith in God gives me hope that there is going to be something good happen that day.

I don’t want to miss it.

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