Hey Friends!

Hey Friends!


This week I went to the Dr. because I found a lump that I was concerned about.  I’m not going to lie, in the 5-6 day span of finding the lump, going to the Dr. and getting a diagnosis, my head was spinning and my heart was occasionally spazing.  I spent much time in prayer and worship.


In prayer I spoke to Him; “God I am not in a place to deal right now.  The idea of cancer is totally inconvenient!  I’m not afraid of cancer.  I’m not afraid that, by some long shot, it could result in death.  I’m afraid of what it takes to walk through it.  I’m scared of the battle.


God spoke to me in several ways.

He said,  -“Do not be afraid, I go before you.”

-“I have already given you the tools to fight your battles.”

-“All things come together for my glory.”

-“Keep your eyes on me. Do not lose focus. I will hold you up.”

I probably cried too many tears in those few days. I was scared.  However; Oh, how God can turn the tables on what feels like a hopeless situation.


About the third day I found peace.  I just finally said. “Okay God, no matter the outcome, I know your plans are always good.  I do already have the tools and ammunition to fight this battle. Whatever your plans are, I know you get the glory, and that’s all I need to know.”

I continued and His peace started to flood me; “If this is part of following you 110%, I’m IN.   (It’s amazing what God can do when we surrender all to Him isn’t it?”)

Two days later I got a call from the Dr.  “It’s nothing to worry about.  Continue self exams and yearly mammograms.”

              In my heart and spirit I was already preparing to battle.  I was already putting on my armor.  I was bringing my game face so that the enemy would know that I planned to FIGHT.  I was confident in who was leading the charge.

Relief doesn’t explain how I felt after that call.  It may not be a cancer scare for you.  Maybe you’re facing a possibility of divorce. Maybe your child has gone astray.  Maybe a few bad decisions have you facing mountains you believe to be impossible.

You are not meant to do this life alone.  You are part of a kingdom that knows your name. You have 24/7 access to the throne room and the King of that kingdom.

Do not fear. Go before Him, put on your armor. In faith, Suit Up!

Be encouraged! Victory is yours!battle picture

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