WANTED: Contagious Joy

Have you ever been in someone’s presence who started giggling, but then it turned into full hysterical laughs?
Maybe you knew what they were laughing about, maybe you didn’t…. But somehow BECAUSE – THEY were laughing so hard you ended up laughing hard, eventually even wiping “joy” tears from you eyes.

It seems ridiculous.

It is proof that what we carry can be contagious. You can walk around with constant worry, fretting over things, and even frustration.  Those things will eventually seep into people around you.
There are many times I have started my day filled with joy. I get in my car with a hopefulness of what the day will bring. 15 mins in, driving across town, someone may honk at me because I didn’t press on the gas pedal quick enough for them (Is it my fault you are running late?) And then they flip me off while speeding by in the next lane. All that joy I was carrying with me is fizzled out like water on a flaming fire. I become frustrated. It takes me several more minutes…sometimes hours to shake off that others persons mess.

However; I am training myself to choose joy every day no matter the mess. Somedays it takes me longer than others. But I realize that I’d rather be contagious in a positive way than carry doom and gloom into others lives.

The Kingdom of God IS peace. It IS Joy. It IS the sweetness of Love. I represent THAT kingdom, so I CHOOSE to be contagious in peace, joy, and love.

There’s nothing more infuriating to the adversary than stoking the small ember of fire of Joy into a full fire of giggling again, rather than letting it go completely out!

Who is going to “catch” your JOY today?





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