A small thing

Early this morning Maggie (the fat cat) woke me up patting my face with her paw. I opened my eyes and there she was, her face inches from mine, staring at me. I looked at her through sleep blurred eyes and said, “What? What’s wrong?” She did her slow blink and continued to stare at me.
It was weird. Like, I even feel weird telling you about it.

Moving on…. We are on this ever changing journey. We have a choice to walk in it looking for the amazing things that are coming, or begrudgingly complain about the things that have happened or how we have been short changed. It’s all in our attitude. I saw (or is it seen?) a sign today that said attitude is a small thing that can make a big difference. —I just did the “z” formation snap. Guurrlll preach.—

Change your attitude, change your day, change your world, change your life. I heard one time that a smile can actually be “heard.” Do you believe that? Go back and re-read this from the beginning as if I am smiling from ear to ear writing every word…..go ahead….I’ll wait right here.

Did the words sound or feel different to you the second time?

What if your attitude impacted life changing moments for those around you? Maybe it seems small, but what if?

My husband and I ran into a young man at a restaurant a few days ago. He stood at our table and said, “You know, your daughter told me before she died that I would go on a mission trip and that it was going to change my life.” He went on to say, “I thought, no. I have no desire, no reason, mission trip is not even in my vocabulary. This year I’m going on my first mission trip to Haiti. We are going to build a church and anything they need. I know how to do that stuff.” It would sound like I was bragging if I told you that this is at least the third person that has given my daughters “attitude” credit towards their lives being changed in this way, so I wont elaborate.

However; I will say this, on her 7th anniversary of her home going, our attitude in the journey is important.

Our middle daughter is in Peru on a year long mission trip as I write this. Never in a million years would I have been able to send her off with an attitude of hope, knowing God was going to cover her if it hadn’t been for the life altering event of March 14th, 2011. As I am riding down the highway this morning praying over this middle child in Peru. I’m trying to not let any doubt laced with worry or anxiety infect my attitude because I know she has changed countries, changed teams, had her phone pick pocketed, and we have not yet heard from her in days. Then on this anniversary morning I think about that other day. That life altering day.

My breath catches in my chest and I close the door on everything that is painful and swing open wide the window that reveals all the hope of the long journey that began on that day. I could let my middle child go with excitement and hope because I now realize God could take her home a mile from our house or thousands of miles out of our country. Many women and men have been altered by the grace and of God because of Nychelles life, and ultimately her death. This was not because she was particularly any more special than you or me. The short journey she was on taught her that attitude as small as it is, can make a big difference. Somehow, she walked well in that.

By the way, we heard from the middle child tonight. All is well. As for Nychelle, all is well for her too. She happened to believe in Jesus Christ and His love for her. Her legacy speaks for her attitude.

…As for Maggie, who knows? 😁😁

7 years have passed. 7 years closer to being reunited. #Heavenbound #Jesusattitude #HopeintheJourney




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